Lunch Menu

Served 11:30 am until 4:00 pm Monday-Friday


Crab Stack
Lump crab, avocados, tomatoes and onions topped with a balsamic vinaigrette and served with homemade tortilla chips 13

Shrimp Cocktail
Peeled, chilled and ready-to-enjoy 12   Peel Your Own 1/2 lb 13   Full Pound 24

Raw Oysters
Freshly-shucked and served on the half-shell  Market Price

Crab Cakes
Patties made with lump crabmeat blended with spices and baked
golden brown 12

Fish Dip
Perfectly blended smoked fish dip served with fresh diced tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, carrots & celery & crackers 11

Your choice of beef, chicken or shrimp wrapped in a tortilla with melted cheese and topped with lettuce and tomato. Sour cream and
salsa available
Shrimp 12 Beef 11 Chicken 9

Conch Fritters
Fried to a golden brown and served with “Kickin’ Bass” sauce 11

Battered and fried to a golden brown and served with marinara 12

Lobster 15    Grouper 12    Cheese Curds 7

Onion Rings
Hand-cut, battered and fried to a golden brown 5

Ahi Tuna

Seared ahi tuna served with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce or topped with bleu cheese crumbles 13 Add Seaweed Salad Garnish  2

More from “On Shore”…

Chicken Breast
Boneless breasts served grilled or fried
and served with two sides & salad 14

Wings (Mild, Medium, Hot, BBQ or Parmesan Garlic)
Served with celery and carrots with bleu cheese or ranch dressing
6 wings 8 12 wings 13 18 wings 19  24 wings 23
A “whole boatload” of 50 wings 45

Chicken Tenders
Boneless tenders served grilled or fried and served with French fries 10

Tossed Dinner Salad or Caesar Dinner Salad
Topped with your choice of shrimp, scallops or chicken –
fried, grilled or blackened
Shrimp 16 Scallops 19 Chicken 13

We Proudly Serve Ken’s Steakhouse Dressings including:
Italian, Chunky Bleu Cheese, Ranch, 1000 island, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette, Catalina, Greek, Caesar and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Chef Salad
Fresh lettuce, ham, turkey, bacon,
boiled egg, cheese, tomatoes and onions 9

Greek Salad
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions, pepperoncini peppers and
feta cheese 8

Pecan, Chicken & Cranberry Salad
Tender chicken blended with pecans and cranberries 9

“From the Water” Sandwiches…

Served with French fries and cole slaw

Shrimp Sandwich
Fried, grilled or blackened 14

Grouper Sandwich
Fried, grilled or blackened 17

Oyster Sandwich
Served fried only 15

Mahi Mahi Sandwich
Fried, grilled or blackened 15

Flounder Sandwich
Fried, grilled or blackened 14

Shrimp and Fries“From the Water” Baskets…

Served with French fries, cole slaw and hush puppies (upcharge for substitutions)

Grouper Basket
Fried, grilled or blackened 18

Catfish Basket
Fried, grilled or blackened 13

Scallop Basket
Fried, grilled or blackened 18

Frog Leg Basket
Served fried only 14

Shrimp Basket
Fried, grilled or blackened 13

Clam Strip Basket
Served fried only 12

Flounder Basket
Fried, grilled or blackened 15


Fries and Sandwich

Daily Special

Ask your server about Today’s Daily Special!

Sharpie Catfish, Fries & Slaw

“On Shore” Sandwiches…

Served with French fries

Crooked Lake Burger
Grilled and topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno
peppers, bacon, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato 11

Black & Bleu Burger
Blackened and topped with bleu cheese crumbles,
lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles 10

Grilled to your liking and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles 9
Add American or Swiss cheese 9.5

Chicken Breast
Grilled or fried 14

Chicken or steak grilled with green peppers and onions 9

Grilled or fried chicken, hamburger or club 9

Bacon, lettuce and tomato 7.5

Grilled Cheese
American, Swiss or provolone  6.5

Ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato and cheese  8.5

Pork, salami, ham, cheese, pickles and mustard  8.5






French fries
Baked potato
Sweet potato
Cole slaw
Potato salad
Sweet potato fries
Collard greens
Steamed spinach with fresh garlic, olive oil & chardonnay
Green beans
Hush puppies
Side salad
Black-eyed peas



Seafood Gumbo
A hearty blend of shrimp, fish, sausage, okra, tomatoes and rice
.Bowl 5   Cup 4

New England “Babson Park Style” Clam Chowder  (seasonal)
A rich, creamy soup full of clams, potatoes and celery
.Bowl 6   Cup 5

Ask your server about seasonal or soup of the day selections

For the “Minnows”

Served with one side, a drink and a worm dirt pudding
cup for dessert 6

Choice of:
Hot dog
Fried fish
Chicken tenders
Macaroni & cheese


Can we “lure” you to have one?

Plain or topped strawberries, blueberries or chocolate sauce 6

Key lime pie
Creamy and smooth with a graham cracker crust 5

Chocolate cake
Rich and decadent 6

Homemade “Working Cow” Ice Cream by the Scoop (in a cup or cone)
Single 2.75    Double 3.85    Triple 4.75

“Minnow” meals are served only to our 12 & under guests

Ask your server about seasonal dessert selections

Warning: Consuming raw or under-cooked meat, fish, eggs, poultry, etc. can increase your risk of food borne illnesses.